Hot Stones Back Massage

45 minutes

A Hot Stones Massage uses heated up smooth stones which are used to massage your back along with needing movements done with the hands. The stones penetrate 10x deeper than hands alone, along with the heat this really helps release tension and knots built up in the back.
It is truly a relaxing and amazing experience.


Hot Stones Full Body

75 minutes

The same as our Hot Stones Back Massage but a full 75 minutes over the entire body including neck, face and scalp. Perfect way to escape for that bit longer.


Thalgo Well-being Massage

75 minutes

Our Thalgo Well-being Massage is the ultimate way to relax for a full 75 minutes. Using Aromatherapy oils you will choose your preferred one for the massage so you will know you will like the scent being used. Thalgo’s Massage techniques will relax you in to the massage while working on areas of concern along with massaging and relaxing the whole body.


All of our Body Massages and Body treatments our set in our beautiful private Spa room, a place where you can relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of daily life.

Swedish Back Massage

45 minutes

Using Swedish Massage techniques our Back Massage is a full 45 minutes long allowing us to throughly work on your back, neck and shoulders to ease tension and any of your back concerns.
This massage is very relaxing but results driven.


Swedish Full Body Massage

75 minutes

This is the same as our Swedish Back Massage but working on the full body including neck, face and scalp. Perfect if you have tension over other areas of your body and just wanting a total relaxation for a full 75 minutes.


Indian Head Massage

45 minutes

Our Indian Head Massage is a full 45 minutes of specialist massage techniques to the head, shoulders, neck and face. Perfect if you need to relax and unwind and release tension from these areas.


Hopi ear candles

45 minutes

This non-evasive and relaxing treatment targets sinus problems, hayfever, headaches, tinnitus and more. It Includes a relaxing scalp and neck massage for instant tension relief and pressure from within the head. The Hopi Ear Candles act as an alternative remedy to relieve congestion and other problems associated with ears, nose and throat.


Thalgo Nourishing Body Wrap

65 minutes

The ultimate lipid-rich nourishing body treatment
designed to restore comfort to dry and very dry skin.
A nourishing body wrap followed by a scalp and full
body massage, leaving your skin feeling amazing.


Thalgo El Pacific Ritual

1 hour 20 minutes

A luxury Spa Ritual experience inspired by the islands
of Polynesia. Enjoy a lagoon inspired foot bath, foot
and leg scrub with scents of Vanilla and sand from
Bora Bora, followed by the Mahana Massage which
loosens muscles and nourishes.